Your path to building a solid financial foundation is closer than you think

Founded in 1993, Key Overseas Investments offer Private Wealth Management and high-quality investment solutions across the globe from our offices in the heart of Singapore.

We help you to manage your finances in the right direction and guide you towards a brighter future, lifestyle, goals, and ambitions. Our consultants and partners are skilled in delivering an unwavering commitment to client service and the best returns possible on all your investments.

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Working with Key Overseas Investments

Since our inception we have been delivering exceptional financial advice for businesses, families, and individuals worldwide. We have a deep understanding of what it means to be wealthy and to be able to shape the fabric of society.

You will find our corporate offices in the heart of Singapore, from where we have built an extensive client base with honest ethical advice, harnessed from the best sources available, and in turn earning the loyalty, trust, and respect of every distinguished client we serve.

Key Overseas Investments has built a leading reputation as analysts who can understand and forecast global developments. We know that different themes will prevail in the next ten years and our advice to customers will be adapted accordingly.

We are so much more than a wealth management company. We are trusted partners and advisors, and a business to help our clients achieve their goals.

Controlling your Investments

When it comes to your investments you are in total control. You choose how much you want to invest and for how long, your preferred level of risk, and whether it should be part of a pension or general investment account. Leave the rest to us. 

At Key Overseas Investments we work with you under an advisory account and our team of investment specialists actively manage and closely monitor the asset allocation of the funds called the Personal Portfolio Funds, to maximize returns within your chosen risk level.

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